Hyatt Regency’s Awesome ‘It’s Good Not To Be Home’ Campaign

November 4, 2015
Hyatt Get Carded Do Not Disturb Box Contents

There are tons of cases for why a person travels. Maybe it’s a long-planned vacation that you’ve been waiting to take with your family, a spur of the moment getaway with your significant other, a pampering excursion with your bestie, or even a good ol’ business trip. Whatever your motivation, chances are you’re most likely going to be staying in a hotel for the duration of your time away. And this is part of the fun. After all, it’s in hotels that we get special perks like leaving the bed unmade, not having to share a TV remote, and letting our clothes just stay on the floor. Not to mention indulging a little with some room service. And now, the wonderful people from Hyatt Regency are making things even better with their newest campaign revealing reasons why sometimes, it’s good not to be home, and your hotel should be part of the reason.

Hyatt Get Carded Do Not Disturb Box

With their newest social activation called #GetCarded #AtHyattRegency, it was easy to see why it’s good not to be home. Probably the best thing about this activation is how it’s simultaneously simple and interactive. In fact, the steps basically only involve things you’re already going to do on your trip anyway, like sharing pictures on social media.

You start out by asking the lovely individual Hyatt Regency front desk agent checking you in “Why is it good not to be home?” – and don’t worry if you can’t remember, they’ll have a sign prompting you to do so anyway. After which, you’ll be presented with 5 different card options, each relating to something that makes it even better not to be home. The cards to choose from include “Meeting Crusher,” “Good Hair Day” and “Do Not Disturb,” “Sweet Tooth” and “Game Night.” All you need to do is simply choose whatever you’re feeling, and prepare yourself for something special.

From here it only gets easier. Take a picture of the card you chose and share it to Instagram with the hashtags #GetCarded and #AtHyattRegency. Like I said, something you were more than likely going to do anyway, right? The final step, a DM from Hyatt Regency to get your information, and that’s it! A unique package with your chosen theme is on its way to your room. Awesome!

Hyatt Get Carded Do Not Disturb Box Bath Salts

Hyatt Get Carded Do Not Disturb Box Tea

Hyatt Get Carded Do Not Disturb Box Mask

Honestly, I really love that Hyatt Regency is doing this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten back to my hotel room at night and been bored out of my mind. Not to mention upset that I had to wait until the next morning for something worthwhile to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love the hanging out online, but the whole point of being away is getting to do what you wouldn’t at home. So, if you happen to find yourself in Hyatt Regency’s Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans, Orlando, or San Francisco properties this week, be sure to take the time to ask why it’s good not to be home. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!

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