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Catch up on Your Reading with The New York Public Library’s Insta Novels

August 24, 2018
NYPL Insta Novels

I don’t know about you but the idea that I’ve been wasting time I could be using to better myself on social media is one that nags at me more and more. It’s definitely an understandable problem when you consider how well the creators of our phones and the apps we have on them have learned to play our reward centers like fiddles. Still, having a good reason for something won’t undo its damage.

In an effort to fix the vicious cycle of feeling sad that I’ve wasted so much time on my phone then using said phone to make myself feel better I’ve been working to introduce a little more “substance” to the routine. I’ve added apps that help me learn about art and languages, followed accounts on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on current events and, most recently, started catching up on my classics reading with the New York Public Library’s Insta Novels.

When you first hear the phrase “Insta Novels” you might be inclined to think they’re some shortened version of the original. At least, that’s what I thought. Turns out I was totally wrong—it’s actually the entire book. All you have to do is hold your thumb on each page as you read and release when you’re ready to move on (makes sense to those familiar with the platform). As for the novels being featured, all (legally) have to come from the public domain so will have been published before 1923. So, yeah, all those books you always wanted to read but couldn’t get around to you can now include as part of your daily *cough* (hourly) Instagram check.

Watch the video below to find out a little more, and when you’re finished, head over to the New York Public Library’s Instagram to start your reading.

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