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Mesmerizing Florals & Powder Photo Series

February 22, 2017
Owen Silverwood Bloom Mum MI

If you happened to be in need of a daily dose of pretty, this should hopefully do the trick. In his photo series, Bloom, photographer Owen Silverwood uses colored powder to give extra dimensions of movement and beauty to already gorgeous subjects: flowers. I think my favorite thing about the pictures is the way the different blooms seem to respond to the addition. Some look impervious to the whole event, with the dust appearing to roll right off. Others look a little like they’ve aged or antiqued, with the talc sticking to the fine lines in the petals in a really beautiful way. And then there are the ones that just look like they’re in their element—a dust storm orchestrated by nymphs of some kind.

Owen Silverwood Bloom Orchid
Owen Silverwood Bloom Orange
Owen Silverwood Bloom Cherry Blossom

Owen Silverwood Bloom Pink Lily


Now, to be fair, if you’re someone who suffers from allergies, I have to admit these might conjure up the image of pollen in the air. However, as I am not this kind of person AND also happen to be obsessed with anything that has to do with flowers, I don’t have this issue. I have been trying to figure out exactly what the pictures do make me think of and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it definitely feels magical (maybe enchanted pollen, I dunno ;).


Owen Silverwood Bloom Lilies
Owen Silverwood Bloom Mum MI
Owen Silverwood Bloom Settled Lisanthius
Owen Silverwood Bloom Green

Source: Fubiz
Images: Owen Silverwood

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