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Catch up on Game of Thrones with This Giant Medieval Tapestry

July 20, 2017
Game of Thrones Medieval Tapestry

I know we’re already into the latest season, but if you’re looking for Game of Thrones refresher, this ridiculously impressive, 253-foot long medieval tapestry is probably the most unique way you can get it. The piece was created by the brilliant people over at Tourism Ireland, and is set to go on display at the Ulster Museum in Belfast this Saturday, July 22nd. Currently, it depicts scenes from every episode of the first six seasons. However, they have plans to ad a new section every week as the new season airs.

Game of Thrones Tapestry Opening

Game of Thrones Tapestry Hardhome

How It Was Made

Now, for those of you that don’t know a whole lot about medieval tapestries—basically everyone—one of this size typically takes a long time to make. Like, 20 years. In this case, however, it was done in less than 3 months. I can’t find any mention of how many people it took to put together. However, based on this information, I’m going to assume it was somewhere between 80 and 600 (I have no idea).

Game of Thrones Tapestry Red Wedding

Game of Thrones Tapestry Purple Wedding

Before getting started, each individual scene had to be digitally mapped out in order to create color palettes and a weaving guide. After that, it was meticulously hand-woven by expert weavers on a Jacquard Loom. The tapestry was made with linen from one of the last linen mills in Northern Ireland, as well as some of the same fabrics they also use in the show. When they were done weaving, final details were hand-embroidered in to give it that final touch.

So, yeah. If you’re not impressed, I don’t know that there’s much hope for you.

Game of Thrones Tapestry Horses White Walkers

Game of Thrones Tapestry Sept Explosion Tommen

Find It Online

In case you’re not going to be in the Belfast area anytime soon, you can check out the medieval Game of Thrones tapestry in its entirety here (hi-res, so you can still fully appreciate the detail). They’ve even broken down the highlights into categories such as Characters, Iconic Battles, and Untimely Ends. So, in the event that you’re limited on time or looking for something specific, you’re all set. Just be sure that you don’t miss out on the helpful annotations they’ve placed around.

So I’ll leave you to it. Enjoy!

Game of Thrones Tapestry Dragon

Via Laughing Squid

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