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Nerding Out on These Animated Maps of Math and Physics

February 6, 2017
Map of Mathematics Redbubble

At the risk of becoming the coolest person you know, I have to confess that I’m kind of a casual nerd for basically anything that has to do with math or science. Anytime there’s an advancement made or new theory presented, I usually dive into the information with the enthusiasm of a kid on their birthday. However, as my profession has absolutely nothing to do with math or science—beyond periodically writing about my love for it—chances to brush up on the basics are pretty great. My latest favorite finds are definitely these maps of physics and mathematics, and how the different kinds of each fit together.

In these two videos, appropriately named “The Map of Physics” and “The Map of Mathematics”, physicist Dominic Walliman illustrates how each category of the different fields tie into one another. Relativity, classical, and quantum for physics and pure and applied were the subjects for mathematics. What I really liked about these videos is that they explain something I’d never really taken the time to consider learning about in an incredibly informative and digestible way. Even if you’re not really that into spending your free time on the topics, I think they’re definitely worth the (roughly) ten minutes it takes to watch; it really give you a new and engaging perspective.

For more videos by Dominic Walliman, you can check out his YouTube page. And if you REALLY love the videos, posters and gear of both the physics and mathematics maps can be found on Redbubble.

Source: Open Culture

Images: Redbubble

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