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Society6 Art Prints That Feed Your Love of Food

January 31, 2018
Society6 Food Art Prints

If you happen to have a healthy, Liz-Lemon-sized obsession with food, but can’t quite bring yourself to frame a low-quality photo of your favorite meal on your wall, you’re not alone. Sure, it would make you happy every time you saw it, but it would probably be a little difficult to fit into the décor. Thankfully, it turns out there are more aesthetically pleasing options available for just about every kind of taste, both artistically and culinarily speaking.

From mashups of pizza and florals to color-blocked pineapples, Society6 has tons of options to feed your love of food. And the best part (or maybe just an awesome perk, depending on how deep your infatuation goes), every piece purchased pays an artist. Can’t beat that!

Check out some of my favorites below, or Society6 for even more.

Minimalist Illustration

Helo Birdie Fruity Bay

Helo Birdie “Fruity Bay

Helo Birdie Strawberry Season

Helo Birdie “Strawberry Season

Helo Birdie Pizza Pool Party

Helo Birdie “Pizza Pool Party

Robin Eisenberg Weekend Plans

Robin Eisenberg “Weekend Plans

Robin Eisenberg Pizza Goddess

Robin Eisenberg “Pizza Goddess

Robin Eisenberg Raspberry Beret

Robin Eisenberg “Raspberry Beret

Pop Art

Paul Fuentes Pineapple Quartz

Paul Fuentes “Pineapple Quartz

Paul Fuentes Octopus Ice Cream

Paul Fuentes “Octopus Ice Cream

Paul Fuentes Floral Pizza

Paul Fuentes “Floral Pizza

Catherine Kim Pink Pineapple

Catherine Kim “Pink Pineapple

Catherine Kim Peach

Catherine Kim “Peach

Catherine Kim Discomelon

Catherine Kim “Discomelon


Iisa Mönttinen Lemons Red

Iisa Mönttinen “Lemons Red

Iisa Mönttinen Dragon Fruit Pattern

Iisa Mönttinen “Dragon Fruit Pattern

Iisa Mönttinen Blueberry Fields

Iisa Mönttinen “Blueberry Fields

Iisa Mönttinen Oranges Black

Iisa Mönttinen “Oranges Black

Kelly Gilleran Bacon Pattern

Kelly Gilleran “Bacon Pattern


Beth Hoeckel Coffee

Beth Hoeckel “Coffee

Beth Hoeckel Fertile Crescent

Beth Hoeckel “Fertile Crescent

Beth Hoeckel Geode

Beth Hoeckel “Geode

Tyler Varsell Summers End

Tyler Varsell “Summers End

Tyler Varsell Mystery Meat

Tyler Varsell “Mystery Meat”

Tyler Varsell Sweet as Pie

Tyler Varsell “Sweet as Pie

(Collage Illustration)

Kelly Gilleran Cake Girl Lemon

Kelly Gilleran “Cake Girl – Lemon

Illustrations I Couldn’t Leave Out <3

Tyler Feder Foods of The Office

Tyler Feder “Foods of The Office

Tyler Feder Foods of Parks and Rec

Tyler Feder “Foods of Parks and Rec


Inspired by Design Milk

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