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KTO: Amazing and Carcinogen-Free Skincare

October 9, 2014
KTO Organic Skincare

Kelly Teegarden is enabling us to protect ourselves from cancer and helping us become more beautiful while we do it. A little while back I was gifted a bottle of Kelly Teegarden Organics facial cleanser and cream, called The Secret and Radiant, respectively. I have to tell you while using these products, my skin has absolutely never looked better. The problem with almost literally every other cleanser on the market is that it’s comprised of nothing but chemicals. These cleansers ‘work’ by drying virtually all the oil out of your skin, which in turn makes your sebaceous glands freak out and produce even more. In reality, these products create more problems than they solve. The all-natural ingredients that go into KTO work perfectly with your skin’s natural defense systems to create balance, so your skin is actually as healthy and beautiful as it looks.

Something else extremely important to touch on with Kelly Teegarden Organics skincare is that there are absolutely no carcinogenic or otherwise harmful components in the entire line. Kelly actually only created the company after educating herself following a harrowing battle with stage III Thyroid Cancer. She learned that, in the US, there is essentially no regulation of the ingredients put into our skincare. While other countries have 1000+ banned substances, we have a mere 12.. That’s 1%. I encourage you to read more about everything she learned when you find the time. It’s absolutely eye-opening.

KTO skincare products can be purchased via their website, or you can search for a store that carries them near you here.

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  • Reply Jan Militello September 30, 2016 at 7:49 am

    Just placed an order and look forward to giving the skincare line a try!

    • Reply Sarah Militello September 30, 2016 at 8:52 pm

      That’s awesome!! Prepare to fall in love, it really is the best 🙂

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