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Gorgeous Motley Paper Wasp Nests

April 11, 2016
Colorful Wasp Nest Stage 5

It’s not quite the same as those paintings made by horses, but this kaleidoscopic wasp nest is definitely on the list of animal-created art I’m excited about.

Made possible by Mattia Menchetti in an experiment done at home, these European
Paper Wasps were simply given various colors of craft paper and left to do their thing.

Of course, the best place to see this taking place is probably in a controlled environment like one that Menchetti had. However, if these papier-mâché masterpieces were to replace the drab ones that currently adorn the corners of our porches and porticos, I don’t think we’d be too horribly upset about it!

Colorful Wasp Nest Stage 1
Colorful Wasp Nest Stage 2
Colorful Wasp Nest Stage 4
Colorful Wasp Nest Stage 6

(Images Courtesy of Mattia Menchetti)

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