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Let the Take-Off Tell You What to Wear Today

June 4, 2018

True story of the day: this awesome gadget is super useful, looks like something from the Weasley’s household, and I need it. The Take-Off is a smart hanger that uses a combination of Wifi and flipboard display to check the weather and make clothing suggestions for your day. I have to admit that when I first came across the device it struck me as being more fun than functional. However, I quickly remembered the many days getting caught in the rain without an umbrella in Chicago, not to mention how I’ve literally NEVER made the correct decision about whether or not to bring a jacket when my husband and I go for our morning walks and pretty solidly changed my mind.

When you’re not standing in front of the Take-Off looking for suggestions on what to wear, it also acts as a clock, hanger (obviously), and shows the outdoor temperature.Take-Off Hanger on Counter
You can check out the video below to learn more. Fair warning, though, for some reason it gave me vibes that were far more 1984 than Harry Potter, making it literally the only thing about this product that I would change.

*Unfortunately for all of us, the Take-Off recently failed to reach its Kickstarter goal. With any luck, they’ll be bringing it back soon.

Via Yanko Design

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