Incredible Tree-House Resort for Adults at Free Spirit Spheres

March 2, 2017
Free Spirit Spheres tree house snow

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I ever got over it when I outgrew the age where it was acceptable to make tree houses and play in the woods. Does that make me weird? Possibly. But definitely not alone. You see, it turns out there’s a place out there that’s made specifically for people like me. Over on Vancouver Island lies a resort called Free Spirit Spheres, where you can actually stay in a spherical tree house in “an enchanted coastal rainforest”. Ehhh?

Free Spirit Spheres tree house Eve
Free Spirit Spheres tree house Eyrn Stairway

The Spheres

The resort has three different options for lodging—the Eve, Eryn, and Melody—each one in as beautiful a setting as the last. Though the spheres were designed for a one to two-person stay in mind, they do have an option that can accommodate three. Just be aware it’s going to be pretty cozy, as the spheres range in diameter from only 9 to 10.5 feet. Honestly, the creative use of space is definitely something else worth mentioning about these magical canopy orbs.

Free Spirit Spheres tree house Melody

Free Spirit Spheres tree house Melody inside


When I first saw the gorgeous pictures of the Free Spirit Spheres resort, I instantly assumed that something so novel would be expensive to experience. After looking into it, I’m extremely happy to say I was wrong. A stay for two people will only cost you from $157-$235 for one night, or $250-$392 for two. So if you’re itching to feel like a kid connected to nature again, and spend the night swaying in the breeze 10 to 15 feet above the forest floor, it looks like that’s something you can pretty easily attain.

Free Spirit Spheres tree house Eyrn

Source: Fubiz

Images: Free Spirit Spheres

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