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Beautiful Photos of Endangered Animals

October 8, 2014
African Souls Baby Giraffe and Mother Manuela Kulpa Stefan Kulpa Erblicken

These beautiful and haunting photographs are the work of German couple Manuela and Stefan Kulpa. Though you would never guess it, these images were not taken of animals in their natural habitat, but instead of those found in zoos, wildlife parks, aquaria, and the like. The two hope to use these incredible pictures to change the idea that characteristics we tend to view as strictly anthropomorphic are actually attributes of all animals. It really goes without saying, but they are doing a wonderful job with it. Regardless of the animal, these photos portray happiness, sadness, wonder, whimsy, and love so successfully that one could never argue they were feeling anything but. Simians and big cats are the Kulpa’s favorites, but you can find pictures of many different types of animals, especially those of endangered species, in their portfolio as well.

African souls: XIX

African souls: XI

African souls: V

African souls: XVII

African souls: X

African souls: XVI

African souls: XV

African souls: I

African souls: XIV African souls: VIII


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