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10 Products to Keep You Gorgeous When Traveling

July 17, 2017
Lavender Oil Pixabay

As of today, I’m just two days shy of 7 months since I quit my job to work from home and travel with Joe. Admittedly that’s not an outrageous amount of time—especially when you’re planning several wedding events through it all—I’ve still been traveling enough for me to figure out little ways to make it easier. Breaking things down to cover literally EVERYTHING helpful would take some time. So, for today, let’s just focus on beauty.

1. Lay-n-Go COSMO Deluxe (& Mini)

Lay n Go Cosmo and Cosmo Mini

Lay n Go Cosmo Open

I came across the Lay-n-Go about five months ago when I was looking for post ideas on a site that covered genius inventions. It was created by a mom in an effort (as very successful one, mind you) to make storing and cleaning up her kids’ Legos easier. Give it a little time and eventually you had a smaller version for cosmetics. I’m super embarrassed to say this but, before I had the Lay-n-Go, I was keeping my product in a freezer bag when I traveled. (I’ll give you a moment to judge me here.)

As you can see, it’s amazingly convenient because you never actually have to take your product out of the bag. You just lay it flat when you need it and draw it closed when you don’t. It’s also has snazzy little extras like being super easy to wipe clean and a pouch to keep your jewelry in. Even if I was a normal human being with an actual makeup pouch before this, I would still feel spoiled now.

2. Multi-purpose Items

Oras Amazing Herbal Unscented Baby Powder
Grabbing products that do lots of things instead of just one is an unbeatable way to save space as well as money, both while traveling and at home. I’ve listed some of my favorites and their uses below:
Original formula Listerine – Aftershave, deodorant primer (for days when you just know it’s going to fail), antiseptic, mouthwash (duh)
Rosewater + glycerin spray – Moisturizer, refresher, makeup-setter
Baby powder – Chub rub preventer, moisture absorber, dry shampoo
Lavender oil – Bug bite prevention, bug bite soother, add it to a bath, migraine soother, relaxer for sleep
Coconut oil – Moisturizer, makeup remover, shaving cream
Color sticks – Lips, cheeks, eyes

3. Venus Snap

Venus Snap
So, all of the completely obvious here: This thing is adorable, it shaves brilliantly, and it comes with a convenient little case so you don’t cut your fingers when you’re rummaging through or unpacking your toiletry bag. Not sure what else you could really want from a travel razor.

4. Compartmentalized Toiletry Bag

May Kay Toiletry Travel Bag

I can’t imagine this would come as a shock after what I said about where I used to keep my makeup when I traveled but for a VERY long time I used to just throw all of my toiletries into a plastic grocery bag. Well, two. (Double-bagged for extra security!) This might have been a good way to make sure that nothing would leak onto my clothes during transit. Unfortunately, I could never see what I packed, if one thing leaked, then absolutely everything got covered, and I’m a grown-ass adult. So…no good. My solution was in a bag an aunt had gotten me one Christmas while she was working for Mary Kay. Even if you only travel a couple of times a year, I can’t recommend enough that you find one to suit your needs too.

5. Universal Hair Diffuser

Hairizone Universal Hair Diffuser
If you have thick, curly hair like me then you know it’s NOT an option to ever use a hairdryer without a diffuser unless you have plans to curl or straighten after. The problem with this when traveling is that you sort of get stuck having to pack both the dryer and the diffuser with you. That said, finding a diffuser that will fit on just about any dryer out there meant that I could start using the ones in hotel rooms like everyone else. So, even if this isn’t your specific issue, maybe look into what some of the bulky items you’re packing are and see if there’s a way to work around them.

6. Suction Travel Tubes

MrLifeHack Owl Travel Tubes
As I’m a human being, I’m on Amazon at least twice a day. (If you can’t relate to this, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life.) I can’t tell you exactly what I was searching for each time but for what felt like months I kept coming across these weird owl travel tubes. Don’t get me wrong; I like an owl as much as the next person. But I didn’t quite understand what the obsession was with making them hold your toiletries. Then, one day after struggling with the fact that it seems like there’s a conspiracy among all hotels to never have enough space to hold lady-bathing product, I went to look for a solution. And guess what popped up… Turns out, those owl eyes are just an ingenious way to get travel toiletry tubes to stick to a shower wall. I guess the owl part just made sense once they figured out they needed two suction cups to make it work.

7. Solid Toiletries

Olay DUO
Whether you’re not a fan of traveling with liquids in any amount, or you’re just looking to pare down, solids can be an excellent alternative. Though, as toiletries don’t come in gaseous form, they’re kind of the only alternative. As for myself, I have too much hair to be able to get away with solid shampoo and/or conditioner. However, when it comes to shaving bars and body soap, I’m completely on board. Most recently I tried out the new Olay DUO. I had a few trips back to back and this thing was pretty awesome to have around. I just plopped it in a baggie before packing it up and I was on my way.

Honestly, this product is great even if you don’t travel a lot. It has a smooth side and an exfoliating side, it smells amazing, it saves room, and it’s done about the same time you have to throw away your normal puff anyway.

8. Travel Steamer

Secura Handheld Garment Fabric Steamer
Okay, granted this probably takes up the same amount of space of that hairdryer was able to get rid of, but it’s totally worth it. Now, you do have two other options. You could unpack and iron everything as soon as you get to your destination. But let’s be honest, that’s going to take a while. Did you get to where you’re going just to iron? Didn’t think so. Your second option would be to send it out for pressing. Admittedly, if the pricing isn’t terrible, this isn’t the worst option. The downside is that it can take a day or so to get your clothes back sometimes. Travel steamers are small, they heat up quickly, and it isn’t a whole ordeal to use them. And at $30 or less, they’re probably going to be cheaper than a single pressing bill at a hotel with good pricing.

9. Waterproof Medical Tape

Nude Medical Tape and Scissors

THIS ONE!! I keep this in my purse too. Joe and I both have oddly weird feet. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that we’re both petite people. I don’t know. What I do know is this: I have had many a day/trip ruined because of blisters. I used to buy those blister bandage things to keep around when one would pop up, but they were so expensive. They definitely weren’t the best option for someone who had to deal with this issue daily. Then I discovered this tape. A whole roll is the same price as one box of the bandages, but it lasts about as long as fifteen (more?). It also somehow works 1,000x better. So, yeah. Started keeping this and a small pair of scissors with me at all times, and I haven’t looked back. Just make sure to pack the scissors in your checked luggage if they’re not TSA-friendly.

10. A “Treat Yourself” Item

Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste
Even if you’re traveling strictly for pleasure, it can be pretty stressful. Bringing at least one item with you that you wouldn’t normally splurge on in everyday life is a great way to alleviate a little stress. So go ahead. Grab yourself a trial size of that fancy toothpaste or hand cream. And, hey, bonus: you’ll also be adding to the memories of things you enjoyed about your trip!


Images via Amazon & Pixabay

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