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Up Your Perfume Game with The Oil Collection’s Diffuser Pendants

September 28, 2015
Silver Diffuser Pendant Pads From the Oil Collection

This cute little Leaf Diffuser Pendant is solving all my perfume woes. If there’s one thing that can be said about most people, it’s that we’re all trying to make our worlds a little bit better however we can. For some people their focus is on diet and exercise, for others the environment is where they keep their attention. My latest personal cause: what I put on my skin.

Brass Diffuser Pendant Necklace From The Oil Collection

You can see from a previous post I did about Kelly Teegarden’s awesome skincare line just how scary it is how quickly we absorb what we put on our bodies. While I know I’m getting a lot better than I used to be, I have to admit that I never really backed off in the perfume department. But can you blame me? No one wants to give up smelling nice, and I was no exception. So I have to say, when I found these little guys, I was so happy.

Silver Diffuser Pendant Pads From The Oil Collection
Of course, I’ve seen diffuser necklaces before, but never any that didn’t look like that’s exactly what they were. What I love about these is that they totally look like jewelry I would wear anyway, right down to the extra embellishments. Something else, you can swap the pads to suit whatever need you may have. If you know you’re in for a stressful day, you can switch out your favorite perfume for a calming essential oil. They even make Diffuser Necklace Bug-repelling Oils for when you’re going to be outside (speaking of chemicals you don’t want on your skin). The Diffuser Pendant Refill Pads are super cheap, so you can consider your options endless!

You can find these awesome necklaces online at

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