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Dazzling Water Prisms From Love Adorned

September 28, 2015
Glass Water Prisms From Love Adorned

These simple water prisms are a gorgeous ornament for any window.

Truth be told, I have a pretty solid obsession with colored glass. The way the light hits it, the texture it adds to a room, the variety of shapes and sizes… I can’t get enough of it. The only problem I’ve found with keeping a lot of this around the house is that, after you’ve acquired a certain amount, it can start to look a little bit like a carnival. Not something I’m going for. These water prisms are the perfect solution for this. You get the personality that comes with adding glass to your scheme, and all the color comes through the prism so it comes off as spectral instead of obnoxious.
Glass Rectangle Water Prism From Love Adorned
Added bonus: they fit in perfectly with my industrial meets nature decorating taste. I did look around at other water prisms (a girl’s gotta have her options), but everything else I found either came off really gaudy, or just poorly made. Needless to say, I’ll definitely be sticking with these clean-lined beauties, and I’m sort of really excited about it.
Glass Diamond Water Prism From Love Adorned
You can find these rainbow water prisms at, or at their New York or Santa Monica stores for about $80 each.

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