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Custom Star Map of Our Wedding Night

October 4, 2017
Custom Star Map Wedding Milk and Flowers JoesDaily

Joe and I received some pretty amazing gifts for our wedding. Of course, everyone thinks the items they register for are great, but even our off-the-registry gifts were completely fantastic. (Not that we didn’t have faith in our guests, but you hear stories about people going rogue and gifting things like ‘artistic’ mailboxes all the time.) It’s one of these more personal gifts that I wanted to share with you: an 18×24” custom star map of the sky the night Joe and I were married.

Custom Star Map Milk and Flowers JoesDaily Wedding Side

The poster was a present from my best friend, Megan, from online company The Night Sky. She told me she’d obsessed over finding the perfect gift for us, and I have to say she nailed it. From what I can tell the process is as straightforward as one would think. That is, once you make the decision that this is the gift you want to give, anyway 😉 You just go to their site, put in the information, choose your color and style, and that’s it!

Custom Star Map Milk and Flowers JoesDaily Wedding Zoom

So, if you’re looking for a great gift—or just a way to commemorate a special event in your life—these custom star maps are an amazing option. I know we’ll definitely enjoy ours for many years to come.

(Thanks, Megs!!)

*Link to the frame we used

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