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Natural Decorating with Ceramic Wall Planters by Shane Powers

April 18, 2016
Shane Powers West Elm ceramic wall planters

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, but find yourself stuck in a small apartment in the city, these Shane Powers wall planters are probably calling your name.

I grew up out in the middle of nowhere, on a property that was surrounded by acres of woods on one side, and acres of gardens on the other. From the ages of about 4 to 18, if I was home, I was doing something outside. Of course, as I got older, I transitioned from building forts with my brother to helping my dad with the flowers; but I never lost my love for all things green.

Shane Powers West Elm ceramic wall planters

After I graduated high school I quickly made my way to the city for college, as many people my age did. And, while it was nice to have such a change of scenery – and, honestly, life in general – something very important was most definitely missing: nature. I now live in a small, two-story apartment with my boyfriend in Los Angeles and the situation hasn’t changed much. While we do have access to a common courtyard, it’s still nothing compared to what I had for the first two decades of my life. Because of this, I’m constantly looking for any possible way to bring more of the outdoors in.

It may not seem like it’s something that would be difficult to find, especially considering how we live in a world where basically anything is available to us anytime we want it (or, at maximum, after 2-day shipping). However, an attractive AND decently sized wall planter absolutely is. Despite hours and hours of looking, I could only seem to find planters that were so tiny they could only support air plants, or planters that were big enough, but looked like they belonged at my grandmother’s house. With that being said, when I finally found these Shane Powers ceramic wall planters, I thought I might cry (really into plants, guys).

Shane Powers West Elm ceramic wall planters

These planters would look absolutely gorgeous on probably any texture or color they were hug up against. This is especially great if you’re somewhere you can’t paint, or too small to want to sacrifice the open-space illusion a white wall creates. They are currently available at West Elm, in the smaller circle and larger circle styles shown above.

(Images via West Elm)

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