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These Mygdal Lamps are Perfect for Growing Plants in Dark Spaces

February 10, 2017

If you’re someone who was born with a deep love for plant life, then you know what an actual nightmare it can be if you find yourself living in a place with inadequate natural light. Especially if you’re located in an urban area with limited or no outdoor space, not being able to keep plants alive inside can be almost heartbreaking. Luckily, the designers over at Nui Studio (formerly Studio We Love Eams) recognized how important nature is to our wellbeing and created the Mygdal lamp as a solution.

Nui Studio Mygdal Plant Lamp Floor

Nui Studio Mygdal Plant Lamp Concept Sketches

There’s not much about these lamps that isn’t impressive, though you might not know it at first glance. The Mygdals are completely self-contained ecosystems, beautifully encased inside hand-finished mouth-blown glass. The LED lights (powered by an invisible, electrically conductive glass coating on the standing model) mimic sunlight and allow the plants to photosynthesize; and they recycle their own moisture, so there’s no need for watering. These lamps are designed so well that even someone born without that green thumb could keep the plants inside alive.

Nui Studio Mygdal Plant Lamp Glass Blowing

Nui Studio Mygdal Plant Lamp Pendant

Source: Laughing Squid & Nui Studio

Images: Bored Panda

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