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Transience Mirrors Demonstrate How Oxidization Can Be Beautiful

February 28, 2017
Transience Mirror Collection

Believe it or not, these gorgeous Transience Mirrors were created using the same natural process that occurs in all silver-backed mirrors, given enough time. By applying something as simple as sulfur, artists David Derksen and Lex Pott were able to accelerate and manipulate the oxidization of silver in a really beautiful way. As for the tone variation of the different echoes of geometric shapes, this is the result of treatment times. The longer the sulfur was left on, the deeper the color of the end result.

lex pott david derksen large transience mirrors cir 1

While these mirrors might not exactly be the ones you’d use to fix your hair before heading out the door, they would absolutely add a unique touch to any space that hosts them. Between the filtered impression of the reflections they supply and the esoteric vibe of the light-play, I’m kind of feeling like I’m going to need to win the lottery soon—because I want all of them.

lex pott david derksen large transience mirrors rec

Due to the way they’re created, colors are expected to vary by up to 21%. They can be purchased via David Derksen Design or Transnatural. Prices range from about $945 to $2002.

lex pott david derksen large transience mirrors cir 2

Source: BLTD

Images: Transnatural

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