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Etsy Roundup: Trendy Wallpaper for 2018

February 9, 2018
Etsy Wallpaper Roundup

From my early adolescence until just recently, I couldn’t really understand why people used wallpaper. (Unfortunately, this is when I discovered that I had very strong opinions about EVERYTHING and decided EVERYONE needed to know them.) Sure, it was a great way to add a lot of interest to a wall, but what interest exactly? And heaven forbid you had to take it down because that was always a horrible gummy nightmare. Looking back now, I realize it was probably that I just wasn’t a fan of the trends of the area that made me hate it so much. That, and that the job of removing it in our house fell to me on more than one occasion.

Much to my delight, the use of wallpaper fell out of favor for a good fifteen years or so, until about 2015. And I guess that was all the time I needed. While I can’t quite put my finger on the reason why, I have to admit that I’ve completely changed my tune. Of course, it could definitely be that—for better or for worse—I’m slowly turning into my mother. But have you seen some of the options they have out there? Not to mention so many are easily removable and reusable now. Current trends range from bold florals and greenery to metallics and faux textures, and I’m kind of obsessed. I may or may not spend an exorbitant amount of time on Etsy looking at all the different choices.

Since covering every wall in my house with wallpaper would be both expensive and way too much, I’ll be using this post as an outlet of sorts. So here you are: an Etsy roundup of trendy wallpapers for 2018.


Betapet Botanical Ferns Wallpaper

Betapet Botanical Ferns

DecoWorks Palm Leaf Pink Pastel Wallpaper

DecoWorks Palm Leaf Pink Pastel

Handcrafted360 Budding Branches on Tranquil Blue Green Wallpaper

Handcrafted360 Budding Branches

StreetWorkshop Eucalyptus Wallpaper

StreetWorkshop Eucalyptus

TapetShow Botanical Jungle Wallpaper

TapetShow Botanical Jungle

Tropicwall Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Tropicwall Banana Leaf


DreamyWall Dutch Victorian Floral Wallpaper

DreamyWall Dutch Victorian Floral

KOKOARTstudio Vintage Botanical Wildflowers Wallpaper

KOKOARTstudio Vintage Botanical Wildflowers

floralCOLORAY Cactus Flowers Wallpaper

floralCOLORAY Cactus Flowers

RockyMountainDecals A Moment in Time Wallpaper

RockyMountainDecals A Moment in Time

WallHalla Chinoiserie Teal Florals Wallpaper

WallHalla Teal Florals

BlueDecorMurals Dutch Floral Mural Wallpaper

BlueDecorMurals Dutch Floral Mural

DreamyHomeCo Turquoise Plum Blossoms Wallpaper

DreamyHomeCo Turquoise Plum Blossoms


ThinkNoirWallpaper Minimalistic Geometric WallpaperThinkNoirWallpaper Minimalistic Geometric

CostaCover Gold Art Deco Scallops Wallpaper

CostaCover Gold Art Deco Scallops

Spoonflower Geometric Hexagon Wallpaper

Spoonflower Geometric Hexagon

Spoonflower Herringbone Hues of Grey Wallpaper

Spoonflower Herringbone Hues of Grey

SweetPeaWallDesign Art Deco Black and White Scallops Wallpaper

SweetPeaWallDesign Art Deco Black and White Scallops

ThinkNoirWallpaper Geometric Stars Wallpaper

ThinkNoirWallpaper Geometric Stars

ThinkNoirWallpaper Gold Banana Leaf Wallpaper

ThinkNoirWallpaper Gold Banana Leaf


DecoWorks White Victorian Tile Wallpaper

DecoWorks White Victorian Tile

AccentuWall Cement Concrete

AccentuWall Cement Concrete

PrintedGiftsUK Optical Illusion Wallpaper

PrintedGiftsUK Optical Illusion

HomeArt Stickers White Bricks Wallpaper

HomeArtStickers White Bricks

CostaCover Distressed Rustic Wood Plank Wallpaper

CostaCover Distressed Rustic Wood Plank

DecoWorks Black Tin Tile Wallpaper

DecoWorks Black Tin Tile

ModernMatches Grey and White Marble Wallpaper

ModernMatches Grey and White Marble

Trendy Wallpapers for 2018 from Etsy

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